Holly E. Knotowicz

Holly Knotowicz, M.S., CCC-SLP is a certified speech language pathologist who specializes in the complex field of feeding assessment and therapy. Whether it is home therapy or school visits, she believes in supporting her patients and their family as a whole to make mealtimes efficient and fun.

The key to Holly’s approach is her, “no stress, decrease anxiety, no pressure, making mealtimes fun” style. Her belief is that children need to feel safe and secure, and in order to earn their trust families need to be at mealtimes together. The right feeding support and fit to your family’s values is imperative to your child’s feeding success.

Holly’s goals for each child are to:

  • Promote and build a positive and interactive foundation for mealtimes and relationships with foods
  • Understand and honor mealtimes from the perspective of the child and their family
  • Identify and create strategies for treatment specific to each family and their child’s needs
  • Help children master mealtimes by building their confidence and skills all while teaching them that mealtimes can be fun!
  • Support caregivers and their roles during mealtimes

Suggested reading and other resources:

  • “Get Permission” approach from Marsha Dunn Klein
  • Trust Model of Feeding, the Division of Responsibility, and Responsive Feeding Approach by Ellen Satter